About The Peterson Family Foundation

The Peterson Family Foundation was established in 2003 after the passing of Karen Peterson, wife to Jeff and mother to twin boys, Kort and Eric. Her spirit of kindness and empathy inspired us to help make things better for others on their difficult journey towards healing.

Karen, Kort, and EricAbout Karen Peterson

For 22 months Karen gracefully and valiantly battled lung cancer, while at the same time helping manage Eric and Kort’s diabetes and Eric’s leukemia. Thankfully, Eric fully recovered from his cancer, but Karen passed away in 2002.

Forming the Foundation

Despite these enormously challenging and rewarding years when Karen and Eric were sick, the Petersons met countless people full of knowledge, expertise, empathy and kindness. Prior to Karen’s passing, their family agreed they would do what they could to help these remarkable individuals and their organizations that are actively working to treat, and eventually cure, these life-threatening diseases.

Where Does Music Therapy Fit In?

Where Does Music Therapy Fit In?

In addition to helping groups looking for innovative treatments and cures, the Petersons also want to help families by being a source of healing and hope. One of the ways they achieve this goal is by bringing music therapy - a program both Kort and Eric are passionate about - to kids across the country whose illnesses require a hospital stay.

What Difference Does Music Therapy Make?

The Petersons have seen music therapy make a huge difference in the lives of countless children, which is why they want to see it implemented in more hospitals nationwide. This treatment promotes wellness, manages stress, alleviates pain, enhances memory, promotes physical rehabilitation and more.

Find out more about this type of treatment’s benefits on our Music Therapy page.

Difference Does Music Therapy Make?

Learn More

Find out more by visiting the Peterson family’s page as well as the foundation page. If you’d like to make a difference and help bring music therapy to more hospitals around the country, please contact us or consider making a contribution that will directly help bring music therapy to those in need.