3 Common Music Therapy Myths and Their Surprising Truths

Discover the answers to a few of the common myths about music therapy.

Discover the answers to a few of the common myths about music therapy.

While music therapy has been around for decades, its acceptance as an evolving and effective medical treatment is something people are just starting to learn about in mainstream media. With this relatively new acceptance comes many questions; this article quickly and succinctly answers some of the most common myths surrounding music therapy.

Myth 1:  Music therapy is just listening to music. Listening to music can be a therapeutic tool that certified therapists use to help their patients, but it is not the only type of treatment. Music therapy also includes singing, playing instruments, recording music and moving the body to help express feelings and thoughts as well as a way to cope with life and medical conditions.

Myth 2: Anyone can get a job as music therapist. If a person is interested in becoming a music therapist, they must become board certified. In order take the board exams to become a professional in the music therapy industry, first you need to complete the required coursework and internship from an accredited university that offers the program.

Myth 3: Music therapy only includes treatment in hospitals. If you look into your local community, you may be surprised to see that this service is not only provided in hospitals; it’s also found in schools, private clinics and even in private homes. Music therapy is so wonderful because therapists’ don’t need lots of heavy equipment that is difficult to move, making it more accessible to people who need the service without requiring a trip to the hospital.

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Hopefully, now we have shed some light on some of the most common misconceptions surrounding music therapy. If you have any other questions not addressed in this post surrounding the amazing medical option of music therapy, contact us today; we’d love to answer them for you!

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