3 New Interns Join UCLA’s Growing Music Therapy Program

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UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital has a thriving music therapy program.

Spearheaded by therapist Jenna Bollard, the UCLA Music Therapy internship is growing by leaps and bounds. We are excited to announce the acceptance of three new interns to the program! This internship program is now widely sought after throughout the music therapy world and is attracting the best and brightest the field has to offer. Through supporting the education and training of music therapists, we are furthering the field as a whole and providing music therapy to a higher number of children hospitalized at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Meet the New Music Therapy Interns

An image of the three new music therapy interns

Meet the newest music therapy interns at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Taylor Lewis is a UC Irvine and Berklee College of Music graduate originally from Los Angeles, CA; he specializes in drums, guitar and piano as well as music production. Taylor hopes to bring more production and engineering to the music therapy program at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital through a special project that focuses on melding his passions for supporting others and music technology. He has two beautiful dogs: a black lab named Reese and a husky named Krypto. His favorite ice cream is Rocky Road and one his fun life goals is to get on a big screen at a sporting event.

Maria Alvarado is a recent graduate from the Berklee College of Music who majored in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology. Originally from New Jersey, she moved across the country to California to complete her clinical internship at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. Maria has a passion for pediatric work and has experience working at Tufts Floating Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA, as well as special needs schools in the Boston area.

Luisa Flores is a music therapy intern at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital as part of the Expressive Arts and Therapies program. She recently graduated Berklee College of Music, majoring in Music Therapy and Professional Music. While attending, she was part of various practicum sites, one of which included Boston Children’s Hospital among other institutions. Over the years, Luisa has primarily aimed her area of practice towards younger populations in hospital environments. While pursuing music therapy, Luisa continues to work with various songwriters and producers in musical recordings and areas of performance.

An image of the three new music therapy interns

We’re so excited to see the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital music therapy internship program grow!

We are thrilled to see how this music therapy internship program has continued to expand and flourish! Do you want to help make a difference for hospitalized children as well? Visit our contributions page to support this important field!