Music Therapy Helps: How to Thrive Like Clara

Clara Jackson is a patient at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital who has greatly benefited from our music therapy services. This video shows her story with music therapy while in the Bone Marrow Treatment Unit. Due to a severely compromised immune system, children in the unit are completely isolated from their peers. This experience can lead to social withdrawal, depression, and heightened stress and anxiety.

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As you can see in the video, music therapist, Matt Logan, was able to counter these negative forces with the help of Journey’s, ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’ He brought a mobile recording studio into Clara’s room to record a new version of song and to take it to the next level, three other teenage patients in the Bone Marrow Treatment Unit were brought into the project to record guitar, vocals, and other instruments. While these kids couldn’t interact socially with each other in person, this project allowed for them to collaborate virtually and connect over shared experience. After treatment was over, Clara received a CD of her work and was able to meet the three other patients involved in the project.

This is a clear example of the power of music therapy at work! Music therapy brought these kids together, provided opportunities for social interaction and increased self-esteem. This intervention validated these young adults’ shared experience and highlighted their successes and talents. Music therapy shines a light on the abilities of a child, paving the way for hope, happiness, and increased quality of life during a stressful, life-threatening medical experience.

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