Our Focus

The Peterson Family Foundation wants to support programs committed to the care, treatment and quality of life for people. Here are two areas on which we’re currently focused:

Music Therapy

Our patients come to us during difficult times in their lives. Hands-on music-making offers them a way to work through the emotions that accompany illness or injury. For children of all ages, creative expression is a powerful source of comfort and connection while they are away from home
Mark Laret, CEO, Peterson Family Foundation Music Therapy Program at UCSF Medical Center & UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals


We strongly believe music therapy is important to implement alongside modern medicine. Good health encompasses both the body and soul; through music, children hospitalized are able to express themselves and invest in their mental and emotional health.

Visit our Music Therapy page to learn more, including how this treatment promotes wellness, manages stress, reduces pain, increases memory and more.


Childhood Leukemia

The Peterson Foundation initially turned its focus to childhood leukemia because Eric Peterson is a survivor of the disease.

Since 2003 we have given $525,000 to support research and treatment for childhood leukemia

Find out more on our Leukemia Research Page.

Learn More

To find out more about us, please visit our About Us page to learn more about our history, why we began the foundation and our Board of Directors. Please also consider making a contribution that will directly help bring music therapy to those in need as well as fund childhood leukemia research.