Since 2003 we have given $525,000 to support research and treatment for childhood leukemia

We support the pioneering research of Dr. Mignon Loh MD, the division chief of the pediatric hematology/ oncology fund, and Dr. Kevin M. Shannon, MD, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, UCSF. Our support continues to fund current leukemia research. This research is critical to improving treatment outcomes and clinical care. The mission of the laboratory is to study primary patient leukemia samples in order to identify novel genetic alterations and incorporate them into algorithms for diagnosis, minimal residual disease monitoring, and for the identification of novel therapeutic approaches. Past research has incorporated clinical features, genetics of leukemia blasts, and measures of early response in order to identify the most appropriate therapies for subgroups of patients.

Dr. Loh

Dr. Loh and her team are leading the way to develop a heightened understanding of childhood leukemia. Knowledge and research lead to better treatments, which lead to better clinical outcomes. We fund the science that saves lives.

Support us in our work of funding Leukemia Research!

Pioneering research needs donor funding to happen. Cutting edge ideas are often impossible to fund through institutional or government grants. Our funding allows for innovation and scientific inquiry to flourish and creates opportunity for life changing treatments to be developed.

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